Vanuatu Citizenship by investment


    Royal Visas provides Vanuatu citizenship by investment because we are sub agent of a registered agent of the government of Vanuatu. Vanuatu is a safe and beautiful place to live and settled with your families. The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program started tolerating candidates in 2017 and is the main program of its sort in the South Pacific. Known as the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program, it is one of the speediest ways to second citizenship through speculation. To have the option to apply for this program, you ought to be somewhere around 18 years old, healthy, and without a crook record. Likewise, you are expected to make a non-refundable commitment to the public authority.

    Benefits of Vanuatu citizenship by investment


    • Visa-free travel
    • Guaranteed by law
    • Straightforward process
    • Tax relief
    • Dual Citizenship permitted


    Vanuatu citizenship by the investment by a long shot the quickest citizenship program on the planet that gives visas within 30 to 60 days. Moreover, the speculation choice is considered one of the least expensive in all the venture pathways. Vanuatu is a mix of quicker handling, less venture, tax-exempt life, and more citizenship benefits. This pacific island nation is to a great extent admit to the large number however offers a healthy way of life and a door for settled in foreign countries. Vanuatu citizenship by the investment application quantity is restricted, thus the whole interaction should be executed with an undeniable degree of incredible skill with experienced documentation support. Here comes the experience of Immigration Services which is a very long time in handling the Citizenship and Residency by Investment applications. We made the basic and essential changes in the methodology of managing wide reach speculation programs and their effective execution supported by Royal Visas

    . We have a long history of administering High Net-Worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Self-utilized Professionals, and Start-up Enthusiasts.


    Vanuatu Citizenship requirements

     If you are planning to settle in Vanuatu you need Vanuatu citizenship requirements which helps you to settle in a beautiful country. There is a lot of legal support and documentation you need for the visa process. We Royal visas are here to help you.

    ·        Background checks

    All applicants provide a certified copy of passport, resume, Police clearance certificate


    ·        Application Submission

               The applicants submit all required forms and documents signed


    ·        Approval letter

    Give approval letter to the passport office after checking the application by The citizenship commission.

    ·        Certificate Copy

    ·        Passport Application


    Along with the investor, their spouse, kids, and guardians can likewise be remembered for the citizenship application. Candidates for Vanuatu citizenship by venture don't have to take tests on information on the nation's language or history, live in Vanuatu, or even visit the country. The Vanuatu citizenship by investment program is the quickest on the planet. It takes at least multi-month to get an identification, and the whole technique happens from a distance.

    • Application forms signed and witnessed by the agent

    • Certified true color copy of passport

    • Certified true copy of your national ID card

    • Birth certificate

    • Police clearance certificate

    • Personal profile, employment certification, and academic certification;

    • medical health documents

    • bank reference letter

    • Employment certification, professional reference;

    • Marriage certificate (certified copy, spouse only);

    • Need 6 x passport photo with white background (40mm x 50mm).