Permanent residency for 10 years from Republic of Vanuatu

    in one month:



    It’s the fastest PR program in the world. Within one month you can have a PR from a commonwealth country with 100% success rate. No need to come to Vanuatu, no need to stay in Vanuatu, no need to explain your income, no requirement for language. All application documents only need scanned copy.

    2. Who is qualified?

    1) You must be over 18

    2) You must have a police clearance

    3) You must have asset

    3. Why do people want Vanuatu PR:

    Literally, Vanuatu PR means you can enter and live in Vanuatu anytime you want, for however long you want, without visa requirement.

    In the meantime, it gives you an identification to prove that you have obtained another country’s Permanent Residency, which can help you in various ways according to your need. For example, at certain countries, in order to send your kid to a distinguished private school, it requires the family has another Country’s PR.

    Also, for the people who actually wanted to come and live in a carefree life in the paradise islands of Vanuatu, if you live in Vanuatu with this PR for 10 years, you are able to obtain Vanuatu citizenship.

    4. Application Process:

    Prepare application documents

    Submit to us, waiting for approval in one month

    Issue PR Card and PR letter

    DHL to client

    Whole process, it takes up one month.

    5. Application documents checklists:

    1) Passport copy (every applicant)

    2) Health Report copy (every applicant)

    3) Passport photo (every applicant)

    4) Police clearance notarized copy (Main applicant and spouse only)

    5)At least 350,000 USD asset proof (Main applicant only)

    6) Marriage certificate (Spouse only)

    7) Birth Certificate (Child only)


    Application form filled and signed (Main applicant )


    The following privileges are beneficial for any Vanuatu PR ( Permanent Residency holders):


    1.       Be allowed to have 10 years residency in Vanuatu with no restrictions whatsoever to any islands

    2.       Be allowed to purchase free hold lands and any property’s in Vanuatu as a Permanent resident

    3.       Be allowed to invest in any business opportunity offers  

    4.       Be allowed to have further studies in the Country.

    5.       Dependents are also allowed to have access to education

    6.       Be able to be qualified for a Vanuatu Citizenship grant if holder applies for Vanuatu Citizenship at the end of his/her 10 years residency in Vanuatu.

    7.       Be able to apply for a Vanuatu Citizenship after a period of 2 years if the holder is married to a Ni-Van Citizen &

    8.       If granted citizenship after 10 years of residing in Vanuatu, any dependents living abroad can also apply for citizenship under entitlements.


    Also note that as a holder of Vanuatu PR,

    one can also be guaranteed visitor entry visas into countries such as:

    -          Australia

    -          New Zealand

    -          Any other MSG member countries in the Pacific

    -          And all other PIDC (Pacific Immigration Development Community)  member countries in the South Pacific through Vanuatu Immigration recommendations also

    -          Be guaranteed Visitor entry into any Common Wealth member countries and



















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